How we’re taking our cats to the DR

So, it’s no secret that Mr. BC and I love our fur(less) kids.  I’d love nothing more than to have them at our wedding.  But a long, international flight just doesn’t jive with two high maintenance cats.  (I can’t tell you how much fun going to the vet is.  They each have a perma-yowl while they are in the crate.)

Since they are featured on our cake topper, I thought it would be fun to have some cat pictures in frames on the cake table.  Mr. BC took the idea one step further and said we should do life size cut outs.  The original plan was to try to get a photo of Sirius eating/licking something, and then have the cut out look like he was eating some of the cake (which is normal in our house.  No food is safe from the cats.)  Sadly, it didn’t pan out.  But, here is the final reveal of the cutouts with cake topper:

 cake topper cats 2Please excuse the mess.  Tell me that every brides dining room table looks like that!

There is still a little trimming work to be done, and the stands still have to be created.  Mr. BC said he’d do that when he’s home at Christmas.  (In the photo, both pictures are actually being propped up by something.)  Making these was a breeze.  Mr. BC sent me two cat pictures, I printed them on a full size piece of card stock.  He cut them out, and voila!  Insta-Cats at our wedding. I think they turned out pretty well.  The Bellatrix cut out even fooled my room mate.  He thought it really was her when I was taking pictures.

Are you having your pets at your wedding?  (I am so jealous!)  If not, do you have any nods toward your fur kids at your wedding?  Tell me what you’re doing!


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