Hauling all your wedding junk internationally

I actually got a request for a post.  Yay!  This is great news too because most of my wedding crafting is done, and I’m running out of things to blog about.  Mrs. Milk Cow asked me how we were getting all our wedding junk to the DR, and said she thought that would make an interesting blog post.  So here you go!

Shipping internationally does not really seem like a wonderful option.  From what I’ve read, delivery times can be long.   Plus, it is very expensive.  A 20 lb box shipped via Fed Ex would be $170.  Yikes!  With the amount of stuff we’re bringing, I’m sure we’d need a couple of 20 lb boxes.  No bueno.  After reading up on lots of destination wedding forums, I discovered that most brides end up packing all of their wedding stuff into suitcases, or storage bins, and checking them as baggage.

I didn’t really want to buy suitcases, so I went the storage bin route.  I got two bins from Target (I think they were like $10.  The suitcases I was pricing out were upwards of $80.).   We booked our airfare in March, and back then the airline policy allowed one checked bag per passenger.  (It has since changed, but they are honoring the policy at the time we booked.  Woohoo!)  So I’m going to have Mr. BC tetris (because that’s a verb, right?) all our wedding stuff into the two bins, and then get the biggest suitcase I can find for our clothes and toiletries and honeymoon stuff.  Mr. BC is a really light packer, so I think sharing a suitcase will be fine.  The hope is that the total cost of checking all our stuff will be $50 (for the 1 suitcase).

Here’s what our bins (and the bedroom floor)  look like:

Packing List 2This is my terrible stacking job.  There is no rhyme or reason; just crap piled on top of more crap.

The brown boxes won’t be coming, this is just my temporary storage option to keep everything safe.  The right bin is only 1/2 full, and I literally just throw everything into the bins as I amass stuff.  There is zero organization or efficiency in my wedding junk storage right now.  (And this is definitely where Mr. BC excels, so I’m pumped that he’s taking on this responsibility.)

I called the airlines to confirm that they accept the storage bins as baggage.  I’m going to call again in December to make sure nothing has changed.  I can’t imagine anything worse than showing up to the airport with storage bins and having the airline tell us we cannot check them.  OMG!

I am undecided about how to travel with my wedding dress.  I’ll either just haul it in the garment bag and carry that on, or depending on how big the dress ends up being (I’m a shortie, so lots of fabric is coming off the bottom!), I will roll it up and place it into a carry on sized suitcase.  Either way, the dress is coming into the main cabin with me.  (The steaming of our wedding clothes is included in our wedding package, so we don’t need to worry about travel wrinkles!)

This is my “to pack” stash that I’ve started assembling.  Good thing Mr. BC is out of town, because I’m using his dresser.  hehe.

Packing List 1I’m sure the amount of crap will grow… *sigh*

Here is my attempt to try to keep everything organized, and make sure I don’t forget anything: my packing list!  I broke it down by category, and then listed absolutely everything I thought we’d need / are bringing:

Packing ListI heart Excel

So, that’s what we’re doing!  Do you have any other suggestions for transporting a lot of wedding stuff internationally?  I seriously am running out of things to blog about, so let me know if you have any questions about how I’m doing anything for our international, destination wedding.


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