More shoe talk…

So, remember when I was talking about how hard it is to get your ladies together to shop?  Then I confessed that it was probably more so because I hate clothes shopping, than it is actually difficult to corral people?  Well, I was totally right.  (I hate shopping.  HA!)

This happened on Saturday:

shoe shopping 1We are classy.

Oh wait, you’re wondering what happened?  My two ladies ended up “shoe shopping” (courtesy of the interwebz) and picked out these babies:

AGRIGOLLE_55_RG_324Image via Aldo | Agrigolle Wedge Sandal in light pink

Of course, I “documented” the shopping experience:

shoe shopping 2Wine may or may not have been involved in the day.  And cheese.

Picking these was shockingly easy.  We were supposed to go into San Francisco to shop, but L texted me the night before asking if we could just hang out at my house and drink wine.  She’s a woman after my own heart.  I texted M, and the plan changed: shoe shopping from the comfort of my couch.  Yes, please!  A few hours after they both arrived I remembered that we were supposed to be picking shoes.  So everyone busted out their phone and started “shopping”.   I think finding the right pair took like 10 minutes.  M found the Aldo’s and was like “What do you think?”  I totally don’t care what shoes they wear, and L liked them… so we were set!  The girls are ordering their shoes next week.  Woot!

I love having their ensembles completed.  Onto the next thing on the 200 line excel spreadsheet…

How did you pick your bridesmaids shoes?  Did you plan a shopping trip, or bum around home browsing the internet?  Was wine (or cheese!  I don’t discriminate!)  involved in any of your wedding related decisions?


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