Make Me Over

One really awesome thing about having a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort is that my hair and makeup for the wedding day are included!  One crap thing about having a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort is not having a make up or hair trial in advance of the big day.  (Technically I could make an appointment with the resort salon and pay out-of-pocket for a trial, but it’s expensive!)

After spending the last five months with me on WB, I’m sure it’s a surprise to no one that I am not that girly… I wear yoga pants and flip-flops on the reg, and wear my hair in a ponytail most days.  I don’t wear very much makeup; on a (work) daily basis my beauty staples include: 100% Pure Argan oil moisturizer with SPF 30, Neutrogena mineral powder foundation, 100% Pure eye shadow in cocoa plum, Revlon colorstay pencil eyeliner, 100 % pure mascara in blackberry and… well, that’s it.  Here’s my normal work face:

sefieSorry Co-Workers!  In my defense it was a Monday morning, and I’d slept terribly the night before.  I do not know what that white ring on my neck is.  Hopefully it’s the light.  Yikes!

Even though my make up is covered in our wedding package, I decided that I wanted to go to Sephora to get a make over.  I figured I could play around with a wedding look, and hopefully buy some staple products that I can bring with me to the wedding, just in case.  (Plus, I also thought this was an excellent chance to learn more about make up application and hopefully look a little extra special at wedding related festivities down the road.)

This past weekend I had my appointment.  I met with Jolene at the Emeryville Sephora at 2:45 on Sunday.  My inspiration was Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 Academy Awards:

???????????????????????????Image via Huffington Post | It should be illegal to be that beautiful.

Jolene worked her magic and an hour and a half later (I think I got hooked up because I thought the appointment was only supposed to be 45 minutes!) I ended up with this:

Make Up 3Inside

Make Up 4Outside

I really like the look, but holy crap, I don’t think I’ve EVER had so much make up on my face.  And, in all honestly, I think I was a little disappointed that all of that makeup didn’t make me look more like Jennifer Lawrence.  :p  (What?  Make up isn’t going to make you look like someone else???)

However, it was a really fun, eye opening experience, and I thought this was a really nice first attempt with professional makeup.  I was very hesitant to try too dramatic of a look because I’m a makeup noob.  I kept telling Jolene that I wanted a really natural look, and I wanted to look like myself, only better.  After going through the process though, I think I want to try a smokier eye, and play around with false eyelashes.  Jolene told me to come back for another appointment and said the next one would go quicker because we’d already worked together and she now knew my skin.

PS. Sephora has the coolest thing ever to help pick your exact foundation shade. They use this special camera and take pictures of your neck and cheeks and stuff.  Then a computer analyzes the photos and pulls up your foundation shade, and every brand of make up in the store in your shade.  If you’re a beauty insider, they email you the information.  So cool!

To get the “free” make over from Sephora, you have to commit to spending $50 worth of product after your appointment. I (very easily) ended up doing this, and walked away with: foundation primer, foundation, liquid eye liner (which I’ve never really used before), pencil eyeliner and mascara.  I probably bought 1/4 of what she used on her face.  (Maybe even less!) How does anyone afford to look so good?

Are you attempting to DIY your make up?  Have you learned how to get glam from a retail store professional?  Is anyone else fascinated with contouring?  That is effing magic.  I definitely need some contour in my life!


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