Wedding Camaraderie

I know you hear it all the time, but WeddingBee truly is an amazing community.  Throughout my blogging experience, I have been lucky to make some amazing friendships.  One of my most prized is that of my “big bee” mentor, Mrs. Meerkat.  Do you ever have people you meet on the internet and you’re like “holy crap, you are just like me!”?  That’s how I feel about Mrs. Meerkat.  She has been such a support and comfort to me over my blogging experience.  (Especially during the time my dad was sick.  I swear, I think we have gone through almost all the exact same life experiences, and she could not have been more supportive or wonderful if I had custom ordered her from a supportive person store.)

Anyway, waaaaaaaay back when I first started blogging, I asked her if I could borrow her hair flowers.  Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle since her wedding, she couldn’t find quite a bit of her wedding stuff.  So I kind of moved on.

But guess what arrived on my doorstep yesterday:

Hair Flower 2

How cute is that card?   Dying.

And after opening everything up:

Hair Flower 1


She got me my very own set of clay hair flowers!  And, a custom Border Collie necklace which was hand made off my WB moniker.

Ahh, the internet… bringing people together since the mid-90’s! (I totally had to look that up.)  Thanks so much, Mrs. Meerkat!  You’re the bees knees.  (HA. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Have you gotten any unexpected gifts during your wedding planning process?  Have you met any amazing bees on the site that you know you’ll be life-long friends with?


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