A Tea Party Shower

So, my bridal shower happened last weekend!  And it was awesome!  My very sweet, future-mother-in-law, along with MOH M, threw me a shower at a tea house.  This post is super pic heavy, so I’m going to (try to) let the visuals do most of the talking…

Last Sunday, 11 of my awesome friends made the LONG trip (it was 1.5 hours away for me, and some of my amazing friends traveled even farther) to the tea house.  My carpool buddies and I made an obligatory coffee/selfie stop on the way:

Shower 1Shower 2












Once we arrived, we were seated in the Alice in Wonderland room:

Shower 3

My FMIL had pre-ordered the high tea, so we each picked our tea and sat down.  Some of the pretty details:

Shower 26

Soon, the food arrived.  We had four courses: strawberry sorbet, green salad with balsamic dressing, vegetable soup, and a tray of finger sandwiches: cucumber, egg salad, chicken salad, and something else I’m not quite sure of.  The tray also had scones with clotted cream and jam, plus desserts: brownie bites, bread pudding, and a sugar cookie with jam.

Shower FoodSO DELICIOUS!  Everything was fantastic.  I was so stuffed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be my party without some silliness:

Shower 9Shower 24

Shower 4

I opened some amazing gifts (I’ll spare you those pictures… because, well, boring…)  However, I will say that my friends were so generous, and I was (and am!) so touched by their thoughtfulness.  The last gift of the day had no card.  I have no pictures of the moment, so these are staged these for you.

Showe 21

I waved the bag around, asking who had brought it, but nobody claimed the gift.  My FMIL said to open it, and maybe I’d figure out who it was from.  As soon as I saw the box I knew immediately who the gift was from, and what was inside:

Shower 21

This is a terrible cell phone pic, but it’s a Blue Nile jewelry box.

The contents:

Shower 22

These are (obviously) from Mr. BC!  I was so overwhelmed and touched.  There’s a story behind the earrings… I’m not sure if you remember, but I polled the hive a few weeks back asking if I should wear my rings to the DR.  In the post, I mentioned that Mr. BC was paranoid and that he was afraid my rings would get lost or stolen.  What I neglected to tell you is that he is just as paranoid of me, and my rings, safety at home.  After he bought my wedding band, he told me that he didn’t want me wearing my e-ring with my wedding band at home.  He is really afraid that I’ll get mugged going to/from work, or really, anytime I am out and about doing normal things. That’s right, he’s an equal opportunity worrywart.

I was SO against this!  I love my e-ring, and of course I want to wear both of my rings together.  But, I also want to try to respect Mr. BC and his opinion.  So I told him if he wanted me to keep my e-ring at home, he’d have to get me diamond earrings to “place hold” the e-ring.  And, holy crap, he did. I guess I’ll have to hold up my end of the bargain now (but hopefully I can get a month or two of wearing both rings after the wedding… maybe he won’t notice?!?)  Mr. BC had sent the earrings to his mom, and asked her to wrap them up for me to open at the shower.  He made it a point to make sure I opened them at the very end because he didn’t want to take away from anyone elses’s gift-giving thunder.  *sniff*

Anyway, after gifts we had champagne toasts and cake.  I very sadly have no pictures of the toasts, because I am a terrible blogger, and also because I was busy getting all teary and mushing up at the super nice things my F-MIL and best friend / MOH were saying about me.  But here’s the cake:

Shower 17 Shower 18

And just for fun, here’s me with the hostesses (definitely with the mostesses!)

Shower 15

Next were a couple of party games (we did the clothes pin game <which I lost within the first five minutes>, and some bride/groom trivia).  Prizes we awarded, and then it was time to go.  The afternoon passed in a blur!

We took one last group shot…

Shower 16

… and then headed home.  So many thanks to all my wonderful friends who attended, and major, major thanks to F-MIL and MOH M for throwing me such a fantastic bridal shower!

Did you love your bridal shower?  Were there any total surprises? Were you the first to lose the clothes pin game, like me?


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