We’re getting down to the wire

Hey guys!  Sorry for the radio silence the past two weeks.  I needed a little blogging break.  There really hasn’t been much happening on the blogging front, and work was going a little crazy. And… then it was Thanksgiving.  But, now we’re in the final stretch before the wedding so I’m back!


I never thought I’d ever get here, but I think I am finally in the “eff it” / “I don’t care anymore” space when it comes to the wedding.  The nitty gritty details are far less important to me.  I’m feeling overwhelmed with our packing list, and wondering what we can cut.

I feel really badly about this, but we’ve decided to distribute our OOT bags in advance.  Luckily, my friends and family are amazingly supportive, and understanding.  I texted my mom to ask her if I could bring their OOT bag with me when I visited over Thanksgiving, and if she would bring it to the wedding.  Her response via text: “Of course!  Bring it on!”.  Followed by: “What’s an OOT bag again?”  HA!  (She was still happy to have it early once I explained.) So far, nobody else seems to mind packing the stuff into their own bags.  So, in the next six weeks, it will be interesting to see what else falls by the wayside.

Some exciting (to only me) news: Mr. BC is home for good on Christmas Eve!  Woohoo!  No more long distance relationship.  I can’t wait to be back together.  Plus, I won’t lie… I am pretty happy to have his help with all the last minute wedding tasks, too.  I have to work through out December (with the exception of Christmas day) but he will be home with lots of free time, so I can get him to finish up the play lists, sign holders, and all the other tiny details that I haven’t been able to care do anything about lately.

Buckle up, kids.  This sh*t’s starting to get real!


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