What’s for dinner?

Planning a menu for a destination wedding is not nearly as much fun as if you’re having a local wedding.  There are no tasting parties, or fun venue events.  I wish I could show you pictures of the food we’ll be eating, or talk about how delicious everything was, but sadly we’re picking food off of menus that were emailed to us.  But, even though we can’t try anything, it all sounds delicious!

Our wedding package includes: cocktail hour with drinks and appetizers, and a 3 hour wedding reception.  Dinner consists of four courses: soup, salad, entrée, and wedding cake.

Our cocktail hour menu options included:

Cold selections (Our selections are bolded):

  • Brie canapé with marinated roasted balsamic apple
  • Smoked turkey with mango chutney
  • Prosciutto with pear and Gorgonzola on olive bread
  • Tortilla pinwheel with red pepper cream cheese and cilantro
  • Seafood profiteroles
  • Salami cornet with herbed cream cheese
  • Curried chicken salad on cucumber boat
  • Brochette of cherry tomato and buffalo mozzarella with pesto dip
  • Tortilla chip with creamy goat cheese and red onion confit
  • International Cheese Montage

Hot selections (again, our selections are bolded):

  • Mushroom filled with Italian sausage and basil, gratinated with mozzarella
  • Chicken tenders with Dijon honey mustard sauce
  • Petit Ragout of Shrimp in a vol et vont
  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce
  • Buffalo wings served with Gorgonzola dip and crudités
  • Mini fish tacos with guacamole and Mexican salsa
  • Lamb lolly pop in a mint garlic sauce

This is not our food, it just looked delicious!

Not Our Food

Images via: The Convival Table, The Food Network, Taste of Home, and All You

For dinner, we had the choice of three menus, and we could mix and match options within the menus.  I’ll spare you the options (because who really cares about food we’re not eating, right?) and just tell you what we selected:

1st course: Salad of fresh romaine lettuce, parmesan flakes, creamy Caesar dressing. Also served with foccacia croutons.

2nd course: Cream of watercress soup with sliced scallops

3rd course: Medallion of beef tenderloin filled with prime seed zucchini flower and eschalotte, accompanied by a crest of lobster tails port wine thyme and honey glace, Williams potatoes chirstiphene and grilled eggplants

Again, this is not our food, but talking about food is not fun without pictures.

Not Our Food 2

Images via: Simply Recipes, Definitely Not Martha,  Absolutely Sensational Catering

YUM!  It all sounds so fancy.  (Confession: I don’t even know what all of that stuff is.)  Hopefully it’s all delicious.  My travel agent (who’s been to the resort many times, and visited just after we booked our wedding there) said the food at the resort is excellent.  And, a lot of former brides on Trip Advisor and the Best Destination Wedding Forums say that the wedding food is even better than the restaurant food because it’s cooked fresh, and in smaller batches.

And just to close out the food post, we selected chocolate cake with strawberry filling.  The cake catalog had a couple of different pictures of cakes, but during the selection process nobody asked about decoration, or frosting or anything.  Maybe that happens at the in person meeting?

Excellence Cake

Image via Excellence Resort | No idea what our cake will look like, but this was from the catalog.

Were you excited to select your wedding food?  Did you have to choose without getting to taste anything?  Were you able to go to your venue for a tasting?  Have you ever heard of “eschalotte”?


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