Picking Centerpieces

Hey guys, I might be getting  a little redundant in my posts lately.  Like my last post about picking our menu’s for the wedding, picking centerpieces is pretty similar: we received a catalog of centerpiece options, and we picked one!

Just for fun, I’ll show you some of the options we could select from.  Of course there are basic centerpieces (included in the wedding package), or  if you’re willing to spend more money, you can select a more collaborate centerpiece.

Here are some of the options we didn’t choose.  My apologies in advance for the poor photo quality.  I was capturing images from a low resolution PDF file.

All images from Excellence Resorts

The basic options…

Centerpiece Basic

A little higher end… (at a price, of course)

Centerpiece Deluxe

Oh, yes… they do get “fancier”

Centerpiece Premium

And, the upper echelon:

Centerpiece Excellence

I like flowers as much as the next gal, but we didn’t want to spend a ton of extra money on centerpieces.  Especially since the basic ones are included in the wedding package.  So, in an effort to save money we picked a basic centerpiece included in our wedding package and I ended up buying some cheap red votive candles and tea lights, and you may remember that I made my own iSpy cards.  The plan is to use centerpieces included in our wedding package and add decoration with the iSpy cards and candles.

Here’s the mock-up Mrs. Meerkat helped me create in photoshop (and by “helped” I mean she did all the work.  Thanks, Meerkat!):

Centerpiece_CarlaAgain, the centerpiece/flower picture stinks b/c it was such low resolution from the resort brochure.  Here’s a bigger picture of the flower centerpiece:


“Centerpiece with Hawaiian flower, casablanca, white aster and green foliage.”

Oh, and just to close the loop from the “WWBD: Table Set Up“, I’m 90% sure we’re going with a U-Shaped table. So, the centerpiece will go on each section of table (for a total of 3).  Thanks for everyone’s input on that post!

Did you have a difficult time picking centerpieces?  Did anyone else have to pick from a catalog and use your imagination on the rest?  Would you pay extra for nicer centerpieces?


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