The Wedding That Never Was: Border Collie Edition

I’m following up Mrs. Barn and Hen on this one… getting married in the Dominican Republic was not our first choice in venue.  Way back when we first got engaged, as we sat at the Bodega Bay Lodge post-engagement, Mr. BC and I gazed into each others eyes, and we started talking/dreaming about our wedding.  We confirmed that we wanted to have our destination wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Before that plan got scrapped, I started planning our Big Island wedding.  Here’s a sneak peak at the Border Collie wedding that never was (courtesy of my Pinterest board that I never deleted anything off of):

We looked at several hotels in Kona, and decided on The Royal Kona:


I had envisioned this for the ceremony space:

Royal Kona 2

And the reception space kinda like this:

Royal Kona 3

 All images above via Royal Kona Resort

The Royal Kona had pretty reasonable wedding packages that included wedding ceremony, officiant, cocktail hour, dinner, cake,  bouquet, boutonniere, centerpieces, chair covers, etc  (Sound familiar?) so I didn’t do much research in those avenues.

Here were my top two favorite dresses:

Royal Kona 4

Royal Kona 5

 Images via Fish in the Sky and David’s Bridal | Never even tried either of those on.

I actually bought this jewelry to wear, way back when (womp, womp, it no longer goes with the wedding, but I might still wear it at the welcome reception):

Royal Kona 8

Image via Pugster

And, wear these shoes:

Royal Kona 9

Image via Macys | This is the only thing I ended up using from my original wedding!

I’d carry a bouquet of plumeria flowers:

Royal Kona 6

Image via Bouquet Wedding Flowers

I loved the look of mismatched dresses and wanted my girls to look something like this: Never 1

Image via Something Turquoise

And the boys would look like this:

Never 2

Image via The Knot

We would have given these as wedding favors:

Royal Kona 7

Image via My Wedding Favors

Because this Hawaiian wedding would have cost so much more than the DR, our guest list would have been small.  We would have had to cap the list at 20 people (for our DR wedding we were able to invite <and could have afforded> 106 people).  By going to the DR we lost some guests who likely would have been able to go to Hawaii, but ultimately our wedding ended up being slightly larger.

All in all, our DR wedding looks a little different, but I think the elements are pretty similar (beachy and tropical). While I haven’t had our wedding in the DR yet, but I’m so excited by everything that we are planning for our wedding.  It’s so weird to relive all these two-year-old Pinterest memories.

Has your wedding morphed into something different than when you first started planning?  Did your wedding vision change?  Did you / are you having the wedding you always dreamed of?  If you could go back in time, would you have done anything differently?


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