Wedding Weight Update

Oh guys.  This post is hard to write.  Mostly because it’s embarrassing.  And, I kinda feel like a failure.  But I try to keep it real,  so here you go… the dreaded wedding weight update post.  *deep breath in*

Back in May, I told you how I’d lost 45 lbs.  I wasn’t quite done with my weight loss though.  In June, I showed off my results from the 100 push up challenge.  Well, then life kind of happened.  My dad got sick, and I was in Arizona for three weeks.  And then August and September hit.  I’m not even quite sure what happened (I wasn’t going crazy with the food, or anything), but I gained about 15 lbs.


bathroom photo



after 2

Everything is just a bit bigger.  (I Freudian typed “bitter” the first time I wrote that out.  I stand by it!)

You know what else is (a great deal) bigger?  My chest/upper back area.  I went for a dress fitting in November, and the worst thing that can happen to a bride (dramatic much?) happened…  the top part of my dress didn’t fit.  I could get the dress on and laced, but I had a big section of back skin showing in the dress:


Not Pretty

I’ve been stressing out about this for the past month.  I feel like all of October and November have consisted of: 5 lbs up, 5 lbs down; I couldn’t gain any traction.  I started Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution program, and I jogged 3 miles 3x’s a week… but, there was no scale movement. This was a super stressful time for me.

I had my final dress fitting last week.  And… good news / bad news… My dress fit  (YAY!), but it’s because my seamstress took it out (BOO!).  I am trying to be okay with this.  The dress fits.  I need to focus on that.

It’s tough feeling so much pressure to look a certain way on your wedding day.  I wish I could lose 10-15 lbs before my wedding (I’ve been saying that for the past three months!), but, it’s not looking good.  At this point, I think I just have to accept that this is it.

Hive, did you have any major dress stress in the months leading up to your wedding?  Did your dress *gasp* not fit at your final fitting?  Anyone else feeling a lot of pressure to lose weight before your wedding?


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