A Napa Bachelorette Party – Part 2

When we last left off, Bestie M and I had retired to our room at the utterly respectable time of 10 pm.  I had taken a lot of steps to try to prevent a hangover.  Bestie M swears by this stuff:


image via BevMo

We each used the recommended amount (1/2 the bottle before you start drinking, 1/2 the bottle when you stop drinking.)  Since I had, of course, drank quite a bit of wine throughout the day, I decided to drink the electrolyte powder I had put in the goodie bags too.


Image via Emergen-C

I am very happy to report that these measures were successful!  I woke up tired, but hangover free.  Woohoo!

Bestie M and I got ready for the day and hit the champagne breakfast that the hotel offered:

bette 25

My eyes were much bigger than my stomach.  I ate about 1/2 of my plate.  Oops.  I was really impressed with the “continental breakfast”.  They had scrambled eggs, sausage,  biscuits and gravy, make your own waffles, plus the usual pastry/cereal/bread assortment.

Next up, we hit up Bouchon Bakery.

bette 28

I bought some French Macaroons and the most delicious salted caramel latte of my life.

And finally, our last stop of the day was Hope and Grace Winery (sadly, I didn’t take any photos here)


Image via Hope & Grace Wines

After we finished our tasting, I was ready to call it a trip, so we headed home.

This was our scenery on the drive back home:

bette 30Perfection.

Hive, how was your bachelorette party?  Did you go hog wild and make a weekend out of it?  Do you have any hangover secrets or tips?


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