Wedding Manicure

This past month I’ve started doing the pre-wedding pampering.  You know, getting facials, herbal peels, etc.  The lady I go to is a friend’s sister who I’ve known for years.  She is “one stop shop” salon – she does it all: hair, nails, skin care, waxing, etc.  So to avoid stress and having to drive to a bunch of different shops, I made all my beauty appointments with her the week of the wedding.  So far I’ve got appointments for: waxing, eyelash extensions, highlights, and, my most recent appointment, nails.

While I was there last time she asked me what I wanted to do with my nails.  I was like: “um, a french manicure?”.  And she replied: “That is boring, you need something extra special.”  (This is a friend, so hence the casual talk.)  So I told her that I’d go search wedding nails and find some pictures for my appointment.

Here’s what I discovered on Pinterest:

nails 1Image via FaceBook

nails 10Image via Daily Makeover

Nails 4Image via wow wow nails

Nails 5Image via Top Inspired | Original photo from

nails 7Image via Nail Art Pretties

Nails 8Image via Daily Makeover

nails 9Image via Daily Makeover

Shoot, I like all of them!  I think I am leaning more toward 2, 5, & 6.  I’m just going to take all of the photos to my lady and see what she feels most confident doing.

What do you think, Bees?  Did you have a special manicure for your wedding?  Which manicure above is your favorite?


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