The Zen Before the Wedding

Guys, I finally reached it…  Zen.  A couple of days ago I was freaking out to Mr. BC about everything I was worried about.  He calmly listened to me and rubbed my back as I blathered on and on.  (Seriously, I think it was like 90 minutes).  And at the end I don’t even remember what he said to me, but everything became manageable.  (Or, unimportant).

candice bergan


This is how wedding planning feels | Image via Share Gifs

The day after Christmas I decided to show him our escort cards.  But I couldn’t find the hummingbirds anywhere.  They weren’t with the dolphins, or any of the other wedding stuff.  I started to stress out about it, and Mr. BC was like: “just order another set, we will find them right after that”.  Unfortunately, the Etsy seller I had bought the originals from doesn’t have his shop open right now, so I had to order a slightly different set.  Think I cared?  Nope.  I was seriously like “whatever, I don’t even care about the seating chart at this point.”  If all else failed, I was ready to get some old school tent cards.  But a couple of hours later, we (as predicted) found them on the floor beneath the Christmas tree. (Thank you, Santa?)  Thankfully the Etsy seller I had ordered the replacement cards from was really cool and cancelled the order and promptly refunded my money.

Alcohol Gif


Gif via Giphy

Another stresser?  My photographer… we’ve connected via FaceBook a few times and he indicated that we should set an appointment to talk.  We made an appointment for the following day and when I called him, his assistant (wife?) said that he was with clients, then had a photo shoot but could call me back in a few hours.  Did he ever call me back?  Nope.  Did I care?  Nope.  This is his profession, he does this all the time.  We connected today and hammered it all out.

cut the cake


Image via Sad Moment

Want another one?  Last night Mr. BC <finally> tried on his wedding clothes again… and hated them.  He’s put on a few pounds too, and his clothes aren’t fitting well.  So he’s off shopping today. What will he come back with?  I don’t know, I don’t even care.  It’s his day too, so he should feel comfortable.  (Absolute worst case scenario is that he wears the same thing as the groomsmen.  I bought him one of their shirts to make sure I liked it, and so that he could have another shirt for the honeymoon.)


Gif via Giphy

I also, weirdly enough, have lost my appetite.  (So, YAY!).  Here’s hoping I can lose the 5 lbs or so (total guess, I haven’t set foot on a scale) I probably gained over Christmas.  But even if I don’t… I kind of don’t care.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’m eating bird food at this point.  But, if I lose nothing, then I lose nothing.)  A friend told me that this is why I am paying my seamstress the big bucks… so my dress fits.  Plus, she can work miracles, so I am not worried.  It’s going to all work out, and I am going to ride the no appetite wave as long as possible.



Gif via Giphy

Any other January brides facing all the last minute stress, but not caring about it?  Is it normal to feel like everything is falling apart in the weeks leading up to the big day?  Anyone else just saying a prayer at this point, and hoping for the best?  (If so, could you say one for me too, please!)


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