After The Wedding: Mrs. Border Collie Fills You in

So, remember way back when Mrs. Barn and I were killing time and made up a before/after questionnaire?  Well, I’m back to update my answers!  You can see my before answers here.

Post wedding, let’s see what has changed:

1. What was your biggest priority about (or for?) the event (e.g., catering, photography)?

Hmm.  On a personal level, I still think my biggest priority is photography.  I am waiting on my pro pics, and I just can’t wait to re-see how everything looked, and remember all the small moments.  All the pictures I’ve seen from the reception are from my guests, and they are really dark, so I can’t wait to see what PhotoPhil captured.  Plus, it looks like people were getting their grub on during cocktail hour (myself included!) and there aren’t a lot of pictures.

However, another priority that popped up while we were at the resort was making sure that everyone had a good time, and was comfortable.  Mr. BC and I (along with MOH M) camped out in the lobby on the day guests arrived to make sure they were greeted by us personally (we missed a few people, but we caught the majority).  I also really tried to spend individual time with everyone, and made sure that Mr. BC and I were part of all the group activities: we had group afternoons at the pool, did an excursion, ate dinners as a group, went to the nightly shows together, danced at the club together (well the “kids” did, anyway) with our wedding guests. It was awesome!  Mr. BC and I spent a week solid with our guests, and I treasure that time with everyone. I received many compliments from friends and family saying how pleased they were they got so much attention and time from us.

2. What was your biggest concern for the day (e.g., rain, nobody dancing, guests being bored)?

This is so shallow and embarrassing, but the thing I thought about most was wanting to see how the reception space had been set up.  I worried that the wedding coordinator wouldn’t have captured my vision.  Would the cake table be set up correctly?  Would the coordinator add 6 almonds instead of 5 to the wedding favors?  Would the seating chart be correct?  Chair signs and toasting flutes put out correctly?  However, the wedding coordinator was awesome, and I was thrilled with the reception.  (I honestly don’t know why I was so concerned.  Thinking about it now, it wasn’t very complicated.  Bride brain.  It’s legit.)

Bride BrainImage via Mrs Rucksack | Weddingbee

In hindsight, I really probably should have been concerned about rain. But, I never worried about it once.

3. What DIY project did you care about the most?

I’m sticking with my original answer.  I loved the ceremony programs. They were a labor of love, and even Mr. BC worked on them with me. I’ve seen them in a couple of photos and seeing them always makes me happy.

wedding programWedding program in action | Guest Photo

But no joke, the striped straws with flags also make me really happy to see in photos.  (I didn’t blog about it on WB, but that was my very first DIY project.)

4. What was your worst wedding-related nightmare?

I didn’t really have wedding nightmares in the month/weeks before the wedding.  So the one about forgetting to meet with the coordinator (my original answer) was definitely the most memorable/recurring nightmare that I had.  Right after meeting the coordinator at the resort I turned to Mr. BC and said: “I’m so glad that wedding nightmare didn’t happen!”

5. Did you actually eat?

I ate dinner!  Although, I was really hungry.  I’d barely eaten anything the first four days we were at the resort because I was concerned about my wedding dress (and, hello, all stressed out).  I not only ate most of my food, but I even managed to make my way around the table during dinner and take selfies with everyone.

Empty PlateDinner (mostly) eaten.  Boom! | Personal Pic

6. What is your favorite picture?

I still don’t have our professional pictures back, but our wedding package came with 24 images from the ceremony from the resort photographer.  So here is one of my favorite pictures they captured (and a sneak peek for you guys):

wedding pics 6Image via Beach Wedding Studio

7. What was the worst thing that happened at your wedding?

This sounds unbelievable, but nothing went wrong on our wedding day.  If I had to pick something, I guess the worst thing that happened was that before the ceremony, I felt like we were permanently running late; I was rushed and anxious.  Plus, the bouquets were late which pushed all of the bridal party pictures back.  We were scrambling to take pictures before the ceremony, and the resort coordinator was totally trying to get me out of the spa for the ceremony.  It was not a very relaxing morning, and it would have been great to not feel frantic all morning long.  But, I figure that most brides probably feel like that.

8. What is your favorite wedding memory?

This is so hard because I loved every moment of the day.  But, one thing that stands out, is I loved the “photobooth” on the dance floor.  Phil had tons of props that he set out, and we all grabbed stuff and started dancing and taking pictures.  It was a blast.  Everyone got into the spirit and had funny costumes on, and we were all dancing and laughing.

photoboothGroom, waiter, groomsman, father of the groom.  Seriously.  Priceless.

9. What did your guests mention the most after the wedding?

Everyone had a blast.  They all kept raving about what a great time they’d had at the resort, how beautiful the wedding had been, and how much they all loved one another.  One of the biggest compliments I was paid was from my mother in law.  She is a nervous flier, and was not that thrilled with the long trip to the Dominican Republic.  But the day she got home, she texted me: “Let’s celebrate your 1 year anniversary, all-inclusive again.  Cancun?  Hawaii?”  I think almost everyone is on board for the 1 year anniversary trip too, as it was mentioned several times while we were hanging out.  Best feeling ever.

10. What did you do after the wedding was over?

Our reception ended at 10 pm.  Almost everyone helped us schlep all the wedding stuff back to our room.  Then “the kids” decided to re-meet up at the disco at 11.  The disco kind of turned out to be a bust (it was empty and the music was not good), so we went to Oregano (pizza place) which was the only restaurant open so late!  Post dinner #2, Mr BC and I stumbled back to our room and crashed.

So there you have it!  I’m not sure my answers changed too much before vs. after.  How did your answers compare?  Were you surprised by any of my answers?  (PS.  Jump in on the fun and post your before/after answers!)



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