Total Re-Collie: Let the recaps begin!

You guys!  I think I’m ready to start my recaps.  Our pro pics arrived, and I’ve got a lot of pre-written posts about the week before (and after) the wedding to get us started.  So, I’m going out on a limb here and getting this recap party started.

Pro PIcsSirius was very excited by the pro pics.

However, before we get started I am going to come right out and confess… writing recaps has been really difficult.  With a destination wedding, I wasn’t sure what was over-sharing.  It has been hard to break up the posts into manageable content, and I’ve struggled with how much detail to provide.  I have even asked several people how best to organize the posts (including some bees, thanks guys).

Ultimately, I decided that my favorite Weddingbee posts have been filled with tons of detail (and probably over-sharing).  I love me some details, so that’s what I’m doing.    I apologize in advance for a lot of “we did this” [insert photo].  I am definitely not a professional writer and I struggled with how to make “we did this” more interesting/entertaining.  Unfortunately, I came up with nothing, so…. sorry!  Please, be kind.

Why Total Re-Collie?  Confession… I may, or may not, have picked my recap title my very first week of being a bee.  (ok, I did.)  Right after I was selected to blog I went to visit Mr. BC in Hawaii.  He is extremely creative and pun-ny, so while I was there I asked him for good recap titles.  Here was his list (yes, I kept the list for nine months):

  • Every Dog Has It’s Day
  • Love Unleashed (pretty sure this has been used already)
  • Canine Connection
  • Total Re-Collie

He had me at Total Re-Collie.  Sure it’s a nod to a kinda (OMG, I’m so old) outdated 1990 movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger (and a horrible 2012 remake that is best left forgotten).  But, the pun of recall/recap/collie was just too good to pass up.

Total RecallImage via IMDB | How is it possible that this movie was released 25 years ago?  *cries*

Let’s do this thing!  Welcome to the Border Collie wedding.

bordercollie wedding graphic Shout out to Mrs. Meerkat for designing my graphic thingy.  Thank you!


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