Total Re-Collie: The days before…

I guess it’s easiest to begin at the beginning… the week prior to the wedding.  With everything up in the air  (wedding locations, reception start time, etc), I was a ball of anxiety.  I had taken the three days before we left off of work, which was great because I had lots of grooming appointments, plus we still had minute projects to finish.

I mentioned this in my “zen” post, but when Mr. BC got home from Hawaii, he tried on his wedding outfit and hated it.  He did not want to wear the white pants we had bought.  In my stress induced frenzy, I could care less what he wore.  I told him to figure it out.  So he ended up making several trips to different clothing stores and was able to buy his wedding outfit (plus honeymoon clothes) the week before the wedding.  I definitely do not recommend this.  It was kind of a pitfall of being in a long distance relationship until right before the wedding, and I’m not sure how we could have avoided this since he was stuck in a tiny, remote community in Hawaii with no stores.  We did the best we could, and it all worked out. Mr. BC ended up with an outfit pretty similar to the groomsmen: khaki pants, white embroidered shirt, and flip flops.  (Thank god, there was no pirate sash…)

classic_pirate 2Image via Decodermot | Editing by yours truly

What else were we finishing up?  Sign holders for the cat cut outs for the cake table.  I had left this in Mr. BC’s charge and he decided to just replicate my holders for the I Spy cards.

sign holderPhoto by Ashley Daniell Photography |I basically ripped off Mrs. Bicycle

Mr. BC was also in charge of all the playlists.  Although, by three days before we were due to leave, I got impatient and just created the playlists myself.  I had a spreadsheet with songs for: before the ceremony, the wedding party walking down the aisle, bride walking down the aisle, dinner, and dancing.  If you remember, we were using a Bose speaker, so I numbered the playlists and uploaded them to an old iphone. We also uploaded all of the playlists to both of our phones, just in case anything happened.  Making the playlists was actually pretty quick, since I already knew what songs I wanted, and I already had all but 3 or 4 song in my iTunes library.

MusicThe playlists changed slightly, but this was my original spreadsheet

We left for the DR at 11:50 pm on Weds, Jan 7th.  The day was a flurry of packing the suitcase, taking inventory on the tub contents, and getting all the wedding stuff securely packed.  Mr. BC set about packing up the tubs for travel.  As he added item into the tub, I checked everything off of the packing list.

Packing List 2Repeat photo, but this is what we were working with…

When the first tub was completely packed, I asked him if he had packed the bag with the favor stuff and escort cards.  He hadn’t mentioned it, and I knew that it had been in the tub.  I was anxious, and worried about the items (since we misplaced the escort cards the week prior).  He couldn’t remember, so I made him unpack the tub to make sure the bag was in there.  It was.  Oops!  He was only moderately annoyed with me about having to repack the tub.

Because I’m paranoid, I arranged for a car service to pick us up at 8 pm (four hours before our flight.  We live about 30 minutes from the airport).  So once we were packed and ready, we kind of just hung out for the rest of the day and spent time with the kids (aka: the cats).

Hive, were you a ball of stress the week before your wedding?  Did you have a lot of projects to finish up in just a few days?

bordercollie wedding graphic


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