Total Re-Collie: Travel Day

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a big freak, and had a car service pick us up four hours before our flight departed.  (Despite the fact that we live a mere 30 minutes away from the airport.)  Thankfully, the car showed up right on time (I may have called earlier in the day to confirm the pick up of both cars…), and we were whisked off to SFO.

IMG_4426All our crap, all packed and ready to go!

Travel DayBellatrix wants to go too!

There was zero traffic at 8 pm on a Wednesday, and we got to SFO in the expected 30 minutes.  For whatever reason, the sky cap check in counter was closed, so Mr. BC rented a cart.  (Annoyingly enough, when he went to return the cart after our bags had been checked, he found three empty carts just sitting around the doors of the airport.  #SavingFail.)  As previously mentioned, we checked both tubs, and the large suitcase.  My wedding dress was rolled up and put into the smaller carry on suitcase (along with other precious wedding cargo, like the cake topper).  The security lines were short, and we were through in no time.

Next stop:


One of my favorite things about airline travel is getting pinkberry at the airport.  It is so delicious, and nothing quite compares to it. After eating our fro yo, we still had hours to kill, so we wandered around the terminal for awhile.  MOH M was also at the airport, but in a different terminal.  We tried to meet up with her, but were unsuccessful, so we texted and sent selfies to each other.  (In hindsight, it would have made sense to travel together, but I bought our airline tickets eight months in advance, and nobody else was crazy like me.  MOH M booked the best fare a couple of months in advance, which unfortunately was another airline with a different connection.)

We finally made our way to the gate, and just sat around waiting to board.

The flight from SFO to Miami was uneventful:


We landed at 8 am EST, and had a two hour layover in Miami, so we grabbed some breakfast:

IMG_4432Let the day drinking begin!

We had a boring layover in Miami.  The airport was super busy with a ton of large school groups.  For some reason the fire alarms were going off at the airport.  It was really loud, and an automated speaker kept saying “An alarm has been pulled.  Please stay tuned for more information”.  Apparently the airport does not evacuate when there are fire alarms… I wasn’t sure if I should have been alarmed or not.  (Ha!) But since I just wanted to get to Punta Cana, I was all over anything that would prevent me from having to evacuate the airport.  We listened to the alarm our entire layover.  No idea what had happened.  It did make me wonder what happened if there really was a legit fire in an airport.  Are all the travelers just screwed?!?

Eventually, we boarded the plan, and three hours later, finally landed…

IMG_4433AirportThe Punta Cana airport is brand new.  It was beautiful!

 The first stop after getting off the plane, was getting a tourist card.  This is basically an entrance fee (similar to a visa) into the country.  I was aware of this requirement and had already purchased our tourist cards online, so we avoided one line.  Woot!  Next stop was immigration.  We handed over our passports, tourist cards, and immigration form (which we received, and filled out while on the airplane).  The immigration form listed our  names, address, travel dates, airline and flight information, reason for visiting the country, and basic stuff like that.  After our forms were accepted, we got our passports stamped, and continued on…

To baggage claim.  We had to wait awhile, since we had so many pieces of luggage.  There were lots of employees around willing to help, so Mr. BC snagged someone with a cart and we gathered all of our luggage.  What’s cool is that while you wait, there is live music:

Airport 2

Once we picked up our luggage, we made our way to customs.  We were selected for inspection (I assume because we had so much luggage).  The agent asked us why we were visiting, and opened one storage tub.  She seemed satisfied by what she saw, so we handed our customs cards to her (we also received the forms while on the airplane), and were on our way.

Ground transportation was included in our stay, so our guide ushered us to the correct ground transportation company:

IMG_4436There were A LOT of desks, so having a guide rocked.

Without too much delay, we were escorted to the car and were off:


We had one other couple with us in the car that we had to drop off first, but without too much delay, we arrived:


We were greeted with “Welcome Home!”, a cold glass of champagne, and a cool towel.  Hell, YES!  We had arrived.

bordercollie wedding graphic


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