Total Re-Collie: The Days Leading Up

Not for Weddingbee

On Friday, we woke up bright and early, ready to meet with the wedding coordinator.  Only while we were getting ready, I got a call from her that she needed to postpone the meeting until noon.  So, Mr. BC and I, plus MOH M explored:

First stop: Breakfast at the buffet


Next was exploring the shops and beach:


By this time, it was noon so we had our meeting with the wedding coordinator.  I’ll skip over that, since I explained what that meeting was like in my “planning an international destination wedding” series.  We concluded our meeting with Livia at Las Olas, the beach grill (which is also where the wedding reception took place)… so we sat down and got drinks and nachos:

IMG_4495Notice my very boring bottle of water and their delicious, alcoholic playa blancas?  *sniff*

Then, it was time to hit up the pool bar:

Party in Pool

We met back up with my parents for dinner at Chez Isabel (French restaurant) and went to the 70’s/80’s show.


The “kids” tried Mama Juana shots for the first time.  Mom BC (a non-drinker) smelled it.  Mama Juana is made by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. We had mama juana shots a few times and each bottle tasted unique.  So, I think everyone in the DR has their own special blend.  The DR people were very proud of the drink, and always spoke very excitedly about it.  We loved it and brought two bottles home.  


We finished our first full day at the disco, before calling it a night:



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