Total Re-Collie: We Arrive

After we had arrived, we (and our luggage) were escorted to the Excellence Club Lounge for check in.  We provided our hotel documents and passports, and got all checked in.  (And, another glass of champagne was poured for yours truly.)

Next stop… our room:


After we settled in, we decided to make our way back to the lobby.  My parents and MOH M were due to arrive shortly after us, and we wanted to greet them.  Just as we arrived to the lobby, we ran into all three of them.  I exclaimed: “It’s my people!” and we all exchanged hugs.  From then on, my parents were referred to as “mami” and “papi” by the amazing staff at the Excellence.

We went with them to get checked in, got them all settled into their rooms, and eventually met up for dinner:


After a delicious dinner, we wandered around the resort and stumbled upon the Arabian Night beach party:

Arabian Night

And so, our first day at the resort concluded.

bordercollie wedding graphic


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