Total Re-Collie: Our Guests Arrive

Hive, I’m consolidating our first three days into one post.  We’re going fast and loose, because I know everyone wants to get to the pretty wedding pictures. (And, I know how unexciting looking at a bunch of pictures of strangers is.)

Friday was our first full day at the resort, and I spent most of it with Mr. BC and MOH M.  Essentially we: hit the buffet for breakfast, explored a little, met with the wedding coordinator, went to the pool, and met back up with my parents for dinner and the evening show.  Wheeee.

On Saturday, most of our guests were scheduled to arrive at the resort (the last three arrived on Sunday).  This was also the day of our welcome reception.

Mr. BC, MOH M, and I started out with breakfast, and then basically camped out in the lobby waiting for all of our guests to arrive:

Lobby Lounging

People started trickling in, and we were (mostly) there to greet them.  What’s funny is I started randomly running into people while I was coming or going from somewhere else.  While we ate lunch, I saw Guest D being escorted to her room.  So I ran over, and joined her.  When heading back to meet family, I randomly ran into my brother and sister in law getting into an elevator.  So then I walked them to their room.  Also, while sitting around in the lobby, my friend and her husband walked past us, and we got to “greet” them.  I hadn’t realized they had checked in the day prior. Oops!

That evening, while Mr. BC and I were walking to the reception, we ran into Mr. BC’s family (of five) and got to greet them.  It is the coolest feeling to walk around some huge resort and run into people you know all the time.  That never happens in real life. 😀

The welcome reception was very low key,  it was really just a chance for our guests to get to meet each other and mingle. We served drinks and appetizers by the cascade pool.  We brought the Bose speaker and just played random music from my phone.  We had a full bar, and an assortment of hot and cold appetizers.  We noshed on: chips with guacamole and salsa, tuna salad stuffed poblano peppers, shrimp tempura with sesame dip, turkey salad with chipotle oil on garlic bread with cactus chutney, fish empanadas with ranchera sauce, and chicken cilantro wrap.  The food was delicious!   Sadly, everyone was so busy eating that there are zero pictures of the food.

Photo overload:

Welcome Reception

The Excellence graciously let us hang out 45 minutes after the reception was supposed to have ended.  This resort seriously rocks.  Then, we all went to the evening show, and, the kids ended the night at the disco.

Sunday was the day before the wedding, and was another mellow day full of food and hanging out. I was also able to hit up the spa for some pre-wedding pampering. Of course, that evening we met back up for a day-before-the-wedding group dinner at Oregano:

Day Before

I love this next picture.  I meant to take a selfie with my mom, and aunt.  And, everyone photo bombed us:


After dinner we hit up the evening show, and then Mr. BC and I called it a night.  However, the rest of our guests stayed for karaoke and I was a little jealous and wistful after hearing all their stories of the evening.  It sounded really fun!  Darn that beauty sleep.

Up next… the BC’s get married!

bordercollie wedding graphic

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