Total Re-Collie: The Day Before

Not for Weddingbee

Sunday was the day before the wedding.  Our last three guests also arrived this day.

Everyone randomly went to the buffet for breakfast (sorry, no pictures!).  While we were eating, two more guests arrived at the resort.  So, I ran to greet them and escorted them to their room.

Eventually, some of us converged again for lunch at the poolside restaurant:

IMG_4570 IMG_4572Two big tables of family and friends

After lunch, I excused myself for some pre-wedding pampering:

Mille 1I spent a couple of hours here.  It was heaven.

I have no idea what everyone else did this afternoon.  I think a lot of people went to the beach.  I very sadly missed BM L’s arrival, but I saw lots of photos of her on the beach, so I think she forgave me for not greeting her upon arrival.  I know MOH M was there to hold up my mantle.

Of course, that evening we met back up for a day-before-the-wedding group dinner at Oregano:

Day Before

I love this next picture.  I meant to take a selfie with my mom, and aunt.  And everyone photobombed us.  It rocked.


Next, was the Burlesque show:


Since it was the night before our wedding, at this point, Mr. BC and I excused ourselves from the group to go to bed.  But, everyone else stayed for karoke.  It sounded epic, and I was a little bit sad to have missed all the fun!

Up next… the BC’s get married!


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