Total Re-Collie: First look with my parents

With all my dad’s health problems this past year, my mom wasn’t really able to get ready with us.  I had asked her if we could all hang out in the spa and do a girls morning with lots of pampering, but she didn’t think it would be possible.  So I did a “first look” with my parents so they could see me all dolled up.  They arrived at the spa and then I came downstairs.

All photos are from Phil Steingard Studios (unless otherwise noted).

MCKAY WED-0557 I’m heeeeere!MCKAY WED-0567 MCKAY WED-0570 I love this picture.  My dad doesn’t smile much for photos.MCKAY WED-0572 We exchanged hugs and posed for some photos.MCKAY WED-0574 MCKAY WED-0582

Next up, my mom had some gifts for me.  First was a hankie that belonged to my grandma.MCKAY WED-0591 MCKAY WED-0592 I tried to hold it together and not cry…


She also gave me the sixpence that she wore in her shoe at her wedding to my dad 44 years ago. MCKAY WED-0596

Next, MOH M gave me my gift from Mr. BC.MCKAY WED-0609 MCKAY WED-0611 MCKAY WED-0612

And she helped me put it on:

The details shot:

bordercollie wedding graphic

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