Total Re-Collie: The Processional

So, I missed this entire part of the ceremony (obviously, because I was tucked away), so all my commentary is based off the photos.  I had done an order of procession, but I guess the resort doesn’t do that sort of thing.  All of our wedding guests, our parents, plus Mr. BC and his BM & GM met at the Martini Bar, and got walked over to the ceremony site.  (I think MOH M and MB L went separately.  Although, who knows…)

The boys were taking selfies at the Martini Bar!

Martini Bar SelfiePersonal Photo | Boys at the Martini Bar before the ceremony.  That’s my cousin in the background.  hehe.

All images from Phil Steingard Studio (unless otherwise noted)

Once at the ceremony site, it looks like everyone just kinda walked to their seats and places. Here was the ceremony site:

._MCKAY WED-0004Image from Beach Wedding Studio

Evidence: Guests (including BM D) walking to their seats:

IMG_4930Image from Beach Wedding Studio

And then, all of the sudden the boys are at the alter!

IMG_4939Image from Beach Wedding Studio


I THINK the processional music started playing at this point. Notice everyone looking down the alter with cameras.MCKAY WED-0688

I struggled with what song to play while everyone walked down the aisle. A couple of days before the wedding, Mr. BC and I were talking about it, and out of the blue, he suggested “Angel” by Jack Johnson.  It was perfect.   Listen along.

Side note: I had pretty much held it together up until this point in the day.  Sure, I was a little teary with my parents but I managed to not cry.  However, AS SOON as I heard the Jack Johnson music, I LOST IT.  I’m talking major ugly crying. My dad was like: “Um.  What is wrong with you?!?!”.  Anyway, imagine me tucked out of sight and bawling my eyes out as my beautiful friends walked down the aisle.  I could hear the music and see their backs as they walked.



They made it!MCKAY WED-0693

Next, my brother walked my mom down the aisle (I guess they read the schedule!  YAY!)


And then, it was my turn…

bordercollie wedding graphic

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