Total Re-Collie: The Ceremony (Part 2)

Next up, my mom did a reading.  She gave me the hard copy of her reading, but unfortunately, who has the time to transcribe pages and pages of text?  What’s funny is that as soon as Pastor York called her up to the alter, and she opened her portfolio thing, Mr. BC turned to me and whispered: “Oh no, your mom’s got a book!” and I started dying laughing.  My mom is known for being a talker (but she is always entertaining).  She wrote her speech herself and broke it up into two parts; a part dedicated to my side of the family, and a part dedicated to Mr. BC and his side of the family.  She made mention of the tree analogy (lives growing separately, and then intertwining, and growing together) that Miss Hammerhead talked about recently.  On to the photos!

All photos from Phil Steingard Studios (unless otherwise noted)


She will kill me for posting this, but it’s just so genuine.  My mom is a “talks with feeling and emotion” kinda gal.

IMG_5057Image by Beach Wedding Studio

IMG_5067Image by Beach Wedding Studio

After she finished, there were hugs:


Next we exchanged wedding vows.  First up were the traditional ones:

Wedding Vows

Pastor York — Do you, Timothy, standing in the presence of God and these witnesses, solemnly pledge your faith and love to Kelly Border Collie? Do you promise to live with her according to God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony; do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor, and keep her, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, and through God’s grace to promise to be to her a faithful and devoted husband as long as you both shall live?

Mr. BC — I do.

Do you, Kelly, standing in the presence of God and these witnesses, solemnly pledge your faith and love to Timothy Border Collie? Do you promise to live with him according to God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony; do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him, and through God’s grace to promise to be to him a faithful and devoted wife as long as you both shall live?

Miss BC:  I do


And then we did our personal vows:

Mr. BC: My dearest Kellis,


When we first started dating life was much like being at an all-inclusive resort.   Our glasses were always filled with the finest drinks, and our plates filled with as much sushi, Indian food, and eggplant Parmesan than anyone should eat.  Our time together was spent seeing some of the worlds’ most beautiful and awe-inspiring places and growing our love for our friends and family.

Today, my life’s most treasured memories are the ones with you at my side, and some of my life’s greatest lamentations are of those amazing life experiences I’ve had when you were not.

During our last 8 years together I have learned that you are the most loving, loyal, and dedicated person I have ever known.  You are the woman who climbed a mountain for me.  You are the woman who crossed miles of Hawaiian desert with me just to see a greensand beach for 10 minutes.  You are the woman who climbed down the worlds highest sea cliffs twice for me – once carrying my worldly possessions on your back.  You are the woman who loved me so much you let me leave the love of our home to live in loneliness and isolation for two years, confident in the knowledge that I would one day return.

It has been experiences like these have taught me that life may not always be easy, but that when we are together there is no challenge we cannot overcome together.

As we continue our life-journey together I endeavor to be just as loving, loyal, and dedicated to you.  And so today, before all of our friends and family, I promise to: laugh at your jokes aloud (not just on the inside), to rub your back before bedtime, to play with your hair when we sit together, and to always remember to have fun and not worry so much.  But more than that I promise to always love you in the same selfless way you love me, to always put your needs ahead of my own, and to live my life with your well-being at the center of all of my thoughts and actions.

It has been through you that I have learned so much about myself.  And I hope that as we age together I will help you learn more of the person you are.  Together I hope we are able to help each other grow into the people we have always wanted to be.

You are my favorite, and I love you with all my heart.  Everything is always better when we’re together… and I am whole-heartedly ready to take this next step with you in building our even better life together.”

IMG_5088Image from Beach Wedding Studio


Next up, was my turn.  FYI, I was a big bawling mess and cried through out my entire vows.  Pastor York even had to remind me to breath because I was choking up and couldn’t talk.


“My sweet Tim, I can’t believe that I’ve loved you for more than 8 years. I can’t believe that we’ve been engaged for two. I can’t believe that after 14 months of planning, we are finally here. We made it. There is nobody else in the world that I would rather be with right now, in this beautiful place. You’re my heart.

E.E. Cummings wrote a poem called “I Carry Your Heart”. The first verse goes:

I carry your heart with me. I carry it in
my heart. I am never without it. Anywhere
I go, you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling.

I’ve always loved this poem, but I never truly understood what it meant until I met you. But, since knowing you, and loving you, I now do. My love for you is so true and strong, so steadfast, that I do carry your heart in mine. I carry it so that I can protect it.

I carry your heart in mine, because nobody else could protect it and keep it safe better than I can. I love you, my sweet Tim. You’re the best person I know, and you make me a better person.

On this day, our wedding day, I vow to always protect your heart. I promise to be your faithful companion, to stand strong next to you through out our lives and to be your best friend, your lover, and your companion. I promise to cheer for you during the good times, and to cry with you during the bad…and happy.  (I had to insert this because we were both totally crying, but from happiness.)  I promise to support your dreams, and do everything in my power to help you reach them. I promise TO TRY to share my water glass, but seriously, I make no guarantees on that last one.

On this day, my sweetheart, I promise to love you for our entire lives. On this day, exactly two years ago you proposed to me, I pledge my heart, and my life to you. I can’t wait for forever. You’re my favorite.”



Next up, we exchange rings.

bordercollie wedding graphic

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