Total Re-Collie: The Days After

The days after the wedding were awesome.  Don’t get me wrong, the days before the wedding were great too, but post wedding I could finally relax and let all of the wedding stress go.  The wedding had gone off without a hitch and I was happy!

The day after the wedding, we had our private brunch at Spice restaurant.  Confession: I was a little disappointed with the day after brunch.  The resort was late setting up, and the food was just okay.  Also, drink service was kind of slow.  But if that’s my biggest complaint than I am doing well.

The upside to hanging out at the Martini Bar for so long (while we waited for brunch to be ready) was that I could finally have an espresso martini! (Okay, I had two.)  Before the wedding I tried to avoid day drinking (and I completely abstained the day before the wedding) so I wouldn’t look bloated or puffy.  Post wedding, all bets were off.

Eventually we made our way to the restaurant and were able to eat and drink!  The pics:


Post brunch was a catamaran excursion. My MIL and MOH M organized this, and it was a blast.  I was hesitant to organize an excursion because I didn’t want to over plan our guests entire vacations. I also didn’t want them to feel obligated to spend any additional money.  I was so touched that my MIL and MOH planned this, and also that so many people joined in!  I think we had 15 (out of 21) people go on the catamaran.

The excursion included pick up / drop off from the resort.  Once on board the catamaran, they took us to the Caribbean side of the island where we went snorkeling.   Next, we boated to a shallow sand bar.  The sand bar was waist depth, and warm and calm.  We all hung out in the Caribbean sea talking, laughing and playing.  There was even a floating bar… we all did mama juana shots while standing in the sea.

Everyone loved the excursion and I have hundreds of pictures from the boat.  So here are the hard-to-narrow-down highlights:

Catamaran Summary

Group Shot:

Catamaran 3

After the boat returned us to the dock, we drove back to the resort and broke up into smaller groups for dinner.

The next day (Wednesday), was our guests last day at the resort.  So, we had an epic pool party by the pool bar.  I’m pretty sure that everyone who was still at the resort (we’d lost a few guests by this point) joined us at the pool.  We played cards, ate pizza IN THE POOL (waiters who bring poolside pizza, yes please!), drank delicious cocktails, and ate the last of the wedding cake… It was SO.FUN.

The pics:

Pool Day

That evening, we met up again for one last dinner at the tapas restaurant.  Unfortunately, because of our group size we were split up into 3 tables.  I ended up at a table with my parents and Mr BC.  Once dinner was in full swing, everyone started playing musical chairs.  While I was circulating, I looked over saw and my brother was sitting at the table with my parents, and I noticed that the other seat at the table was empty!  I ran over to the empty seat and sat down.  While sitting there (completely full of ooey-gooey feelings of love and happiness  *barf*), I wondered out loud when the last time my immediate family had last sat at a table together, just us.  Nobody could remember, but we realized that it had been at least 15 years.  So, of course we took a picture:

IMG_5022Terrible photo, but this was us: my parents, my brother, and me.

Next, we went outside for one more family picture:

Family Photo

It was a stellar last day!

The next day (Thursday), everyone left to return home.  Like when they arrived, Mr. BC and I were there to say goodbye as everyone departed.   We had a pretty big lobby party while everyone was leaving.  Our friend M (who I went to Jr. High and High School together with) was the last to leave.  We took this one last photo right  before he left:

IMG_5063Blurry selfie.  Oops.

And so our wedding week came to a close.  But, our honeymoon was just beginning.  Woot!

bordercollie wedding graphic


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