Total Re-Collie: The Honeymoon

Early on in the wedding planning, my travel agent asked if we wanted to stay at the Excellence for our honeymoon or switch to another resort.  Without a moment’s hesitation I replied: “I totally don’t want to re-pack and haul all our junk to another hotel.  A honeymoon at the Excellence sounds fantastic.”  Now that I’m on the flip side, I can say that this was an excellent decision.  The Excellence is a fantastic resort and it was very easy to spend a full two weeks there.

I’m so glad we stayed the second week because even though we spent a week at the resort prior to the wedding, we had been so wrapped up in wedding related activities and entertaining our guests, that Mr. BC and I had still not seen the grounds, done any activities, or eaten at all the restaurants.  We hadn’t even been to the beach yet (aside from wedding day related activities).   Plus, we were tired.  I had the best time with our guests, but being a host is exhausting.  The day everyone left I was glad to not have to deal with packing all of our stuff and worry about checking out / into another resort.

So our honeymoon was spent exploring the resort and enjoying all of the amenities we had missed during our first week there. Because of that, it was pretty unexciting.  And, kinda perfect.  The day all of our guests left I asked Mr. BC if he wanted to do any excursions and he replied: “No”.  To which I exclaimed: “Thank God!”.  So we spent seven days lounging at the beach or pool, wandering around, getting massages at the spa (Confession: I got three treatments during our two weeks at the resort.  It was heavenly.), eating at all the restaurants, going to the party nights, and generally being total slugs.  It rocked.

We explored the grounds:

explore (That turtle is fake, but looks so lifelike!)

We hit the gym!

FullSizeRender  (HA!  Just kidding.  We didn’t.)

We relaxed in the Club Lounge:


We hit the beach:


We did one excursion at the resort:


We relaxed in one of the beds by the pool:


We went back to the beach:

beach 2Mmm, beach side pizza.

We went to the parties, shows, and did some activities:

nightlifeThat picture on the upper right was the day everyone left.  That’s how tired I was.  haha.

We ate…


And drank…


Perfection.  I highly, highly recommend the Excellence Punta Cana, along with the Dominican Republic.  The DR was gorgeous, the resort beautiful, the staff fantastic, the food delicious, the drinks plentiful, and the service top-notch.

And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the Border Collie Wedding!

bordercollie wedding graphic


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