Secret Life of Bees: Border Collie Edition

You know I wasn’t sneaking out of the hive without participating in the Secret Life series, right?  I love ongoing series(es?), and who doesn’t want to know more bee “secrets”?

Here’s my version:

I love Harry Potter

Given the names of my cats (Sirius and Bellatrix), I’m sure that wasn’t a huge stretch for you guys to make.  But, I’m seriously a big fan.  I’ve read all the books multiple times, and  my (lame) claim to fame is that I have seen every single movie in the theater on opening day.    Mr. BC  is such a good sport about it too… I dragged him to he saw four out of eight HP movies with me!  We also got all dressed up and went to the Deathly Hallows midnight release party at Barnes and Noble.

Harry Potter 1Halloween 2006

Also, Mr. BC and I went to Orlando in 2010, the summer The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened.  We had a blast and loved it!  Now that they’ve expanded, I can’t wait to go back.

HP 1Here we are at the Owl Post drinking butter beer

I have tattoos

You probably noticed in my recaps, that I’ve got a tattoo on my shoulder.  I’ve actually got a total of three, and all of them were inked in Hawaii.  The first was the plumeria flower on my shoulder.  Next, I got a (admittedly  cliched) dolphin on my ankle.  And then finally, the gekko around the plumeria flower.

Tatoo 1

dolphin 2

I’m obsessed dolphins

As cliche as a dolphin ankle tattoo might be, I got it because I deeply love dolphins.  Dolphins are my spirit animal.  I love, love, love dolphins.  I’ve got dolphin paraphernalia all over our apartment; I’ve got figurines, stuffed animals, candles, knickknacks, pictures, etc.  I’ve gotten the lucky opportunity to swim with dolphins twice (once at an eco park and once in the wild), and it was magical.

Dolphins 3Photo by Xcaret

DolphinsI never miss a dolphin photo op | Cozumel, MX


My favorite things to eat when I’m engaging in secret single behavior is a Totino’s frozen pizza with a side of Tostitos chips and Queso.  Throw in a glass of red wine, and I’m a happy camper.  I do not know why I love this so much.  I’m not proud, just honest!  😉

pizza 1 quesoImages via Totino’s & Tostitos

I am terrified of sharks

I saw Jaws when I was super young, and it traumatized me.  I wouldn’t swim alone in the pool in our backyard when I was a kid because my brother told me an invisible shark was in there.  (OMG, I was such a dumb kid.)


My cats are toilet trained

I totally stole this one from Mrs. Bicycle.  We also used the CitiKitty to toilet train Bellatrix and Sirius.  It took forever, and the toilet still isn’t their favorite place to go (note: we no longer have a bathmat, or leave any clothes on the bathroom floor), but it was worth it.

Beaky ECollar 2Gratuitous Bellatrix photo.  She was six months old and just got spayed.  But hey, the toilet is IN the picture!

Sirius BathroomPoor Sirius.  No privacy in our house.

Do you have any deep, dark secrets?  What’s your SSB?  Do you still have any irrational fears left over from childhood?


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